Friday, August 31, 2007

Ils reviennent quand?

Presque 10 ans sans nouvelles...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pêche à la ligne !

Voici la suite:

- "La politesse des couards, c'est la politique de l'autruche" Aisé de Tété

- "And the moon was a slice of lemon in a Gin and Tonic Sky" Mundy

- "He saves what others throw away, he says that he'll be rich some day" Frank Sinatra de Cake

- "There's a lump in my throat, and an ache in my heart, there are tears in my eyes, 'cause we're an ocean apart" Bird of Passage de The Mission

- "As he faced the sun, he cast no shadow" Oasis

- " Hand in hand is the only way to land, always the right way round" The Lovecats the Cure

- " I am the vinegar & salt and you're are the oil that disolves" Vinegar & Salt, Hooverphonic